How much help is too much help

August 7, 2007 at 7:48 PM (Uncategorized)

It’s an interesting balancing act…

Ask for none and one’s efforts to ‘handle things alone’ can be either seen as pathetic or become the ongoing expectation

*Whatever* help you do ask for, sometimes it’s seen as too much….

I like machines or devices built to help.  They don’t harangue you about what you should be doing, they don’t say no, they don’t pull a no-show, they don’t steal your stuff in front of your face…

The only downside of course is that when they break or break down they don’t respond well to any high decibel cussin’

But these are the things that have been helpful:

At home: the aforementioned shredder, a huge laundry hamper on a wheeled frame, reachers to pick up dropped items…the speech recognition…

At work the reacher again, (one for home and one for work…) electronic faxing, email email email…

And they don’t cop an attitude…


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