A Digression….

August 6, 2007 at 6:25 PM (Uncategorized)

Into politics…and the change in the FISA law.

Alberto Gonzales is now the guy who has the power (and…the…responsibility)

of deciding whether a given communication, Internet, email, phone or written… between someone in the US and *anyone* else outside the us…is allowed to be wiretappe, or otherwise subject to eavesdropping.

Defenders of the just-before-vacation decision by Congress….state there is much the average American doesn’t know about a potential attack.

They could be right…

That rumor can be spread without an actual basis in fact any time this law comes up for renewal.

We should simply *believe* that supporters of this bill have only our safety in mind and that there’s no possibility *ever* of this being used against anyone…having nothing to do with terrorism….

We should trust the great reputation of these people for straightforward speech and fair dealing.

After all they’ve been so *honest* and *above board* about so many things.

Energy policy.

Katrina relief.

The war.

Fear and self interest is not what I expect from leaders I   vote for, or would hope is not the primary motive for those I don’t vote for.  They all have an implied duty to hold both fear and self-interest off and look to the good of the country.


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