Maybe there are some other

August 2, 2007 at 7:36 PM (family)

ways to tell people…I’m about “told” out, and that’s something…

I used to walk… and now I am on my feet rarely outside and at work..

I have illness

I have impairment.

But in a given year, my good days still outnumber the bad ones…

My limited mobility and my size don’t make me…(shudder)


I am sick to death of family members only choosing to discuss me as a “what she should have done”

Only one of my “family of choice” my friends, even occasionally ventures into that territory, and even he has backed off lately…


To those relatives of my late father who don’t see me much

(with the exception of the much beloved State Capitol Geek and his wife)

You have all been better at managing your lives than I shall ever be, and I appreciate your good thoughts and support.

I salute you.  You are the most together bunch of people I have ever seen.  You’re athletic and conventionally beautiful and smart and relatively well off.

I shall continue to manage my diversion from that characteristic as best I can.

And if I say anything else, I’ll be perceived as an ungrateful wretch, so I’ll shut up now.


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