Shafted, or Elevatorial Misconduct Part II

July 25, 2007 at 7:23 PM (Employment) (, )

On the eve of the anniversary of the passage of the ADA:

I could do some smarmy inspirational riff…and I’ll *almost* commit that very sin by saying…

I absolutely know I’m blessed to have a job and be keeping it…all those stats about the 70% unemployment rate for people with impairments have been staring me in the cranium since 2004 when I started paying attention.

So yep.  Happy about that.

Or, I could be grim about:

Those with impairments still not in the community, let alone working at  a paying job.

The numbers of vets with impairments continue to grow…

More and more families that have a family member with impairments are facing poverty and economic disaster.

The many interviews that I *know* I’ve not succeeded at because of my size and/or impairment.

The *societal ignorance*, that willful denial of the fact that those with disabilities are able and willing to give of their time and their gifts in job or volunteering opportunites, and it is the *attitudes* of those filling the positions, that keep many out of work.

But I’m going to skip the sappy inspirational kitsch, as well as the grim listing.

And instead:

The ADA was passed:

Before Bill Clinton became President.

Before the Family Medical Leave act.

Before protease inhibitors changed HIV treatment

Before the Oklahoma City bombing.

Before “The West Wing” had it’s first episode.

Before the Y2K scare.

Before the Supreme Court examined the 2000 election and made it’s ruling.

Before 9/11

Before the Iraq war.

And there are still *medical facilities* that are inacessible.

Many builders wilfully disregard Universal Design in new construction when it would work quite well

Businesses still wait to be sued before they comply.

Courts have begun to narrow the focus of the ADA so that someone can be legally and correctly ruled too disabled to do  a job but be denied any recourse because they aren’t disabled enough to seek redress under ADA.

And, since it’s always about mememememe on this blog…

My apartment complex that I’ve lived in since 1999 loves to collect my rent.  Understandably so.  But they’re missing a point.

In order to continue to meet my obligations I have to keep my job.  In order to keep my job…doesn’t it stand to reason that I would have to be able to *get* to my job?  (my job description doesn’t allow for telecommuting)

In order to get to this job…I must leave my apartment building.

*Which* as it turns out may be up for grabs *again* tomorow because the elevator is not working.

Of course I could live on the ground floor…I could move.  And after three of these elevator foulups in two months I have *asked* that I be allowed to do so.  Why *no!* the apartment says…you cannot break your lease between lease terms to live in a less expensive apartment….

Um, wait.  If I cannot leave the apartment, and cannot continue my job I will be *unable* to pay  the rest of the lease on this place…

I cannot break the lease and move to another complex for the same reason….the lease ends in September of 2008.

I think I’m going to have to offer to pay the two bedroom price on a one bedroom downstairs…and then leave at the end of the lease…

All because the elevator cannot be mended.

“Access” to buildings and jobs is still a relative term more than 25 years after the passage of the ADA…

*Enforce* it already.

[Curseword of choice] it all…

I’m going to bed.


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