OK, a post on politics…

July 20, 2007 at 9:02 PM (Uncategorized) ()

It appears that the newest prism that the present administration views Hilary through…

Is some wierd modern parody of a Bronte novel, where they are the evil headmasters and Hilary and Hilary alone, by virtue of her herness…metaphorically was brought to the head of the class and had her hands smacked by a verbal switch…and then was sent to walk around with a sign on her in the middle of a drenching rainstorm “I am a Woman, and Therefore Unfit to Ask a Rational Question of My Government, Let Alone Serve As Chief Executive.”

Here’s some others that could have been smacked around verbally…but weren’t.



Kucinich…(well, he *has* been smacked around some…since ’79…but for other things besides his positions…)

Bill Richardson (who is my second tier Westerner hope.)..if two of the present Big Three get skewered… I hope Richardson gets the Veep Spot….

Al Gore (I know. I know. He isn’t running.)

etc etc.

But, they won’t publically humiliate a man in the same way. They won’t.

Valerie Plame? Sure, wreck her career, even though Wilson’s the one we want to STFU. Because he’s a fellow tie wearer, we can’t upend his life *directly*

Men. Who have been quite verbal and “public” about their opposition…and if we venture outside of the field of presidential candidates, there’s Murtha, Feingold,and the gradual roll-in of Lugar, and a private remark by a Republican former Mayor of Cleveland (NotDennis) that the war has been “f-ked up.”

(That of course made me smile, and decide again that my own private mythos about Clevelanders is true. Nobody can cuss, and/or drink, and/or watch American football and play loud annoying rock tunes like a Clevelander. Nobody.)

But, I digress…back to Hilary.

I’m having trouble believing that the writers and senders of the reprimand to Senator Clinton did not realize how *transparent* this is, because it wasn’t a bulk email to everyone left of Pat Buchanan telling us all to “quit dissenting because it jacks up Al-Quaeda, in and out of Iraq.”

It was a stunt. A Rove-ish flourish that ended up giving her quite the “bounce.”

Not what they intended I’m sure.



  1. ChenZhen said,

    You have a point there. Not sure why Hillary was singled out.

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