An evening of summer…

July 20, 2007 at 7:41 PM (Colorado Weather and Outdoors)

The porch at dusk when the wasps have decided it’s time to pack it in…

The separation from the city, the quiet  that has nothing of loneliness about it.

Sunset over the peaks, as seen from a blessedly empty freeway…

The kids who have to get dragged inside by their mom’s waiting out that last bit of daytime that lasts so long in summer…

Or, remembering the different sounds and scents of summer nights back east… the crickets and ‘skeeters of the home town…the fresh rain on the grass, and quiet conversation  out in a park on a foggy night…with streetlights just kicking on…when a stroll and conversation with your best friend of 25 years has become almost as good as romance itself…not *quite* but almost…


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