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The able just don’t get it sometimes…or even most of the time depending on their level of exposure to those with impairments.

Using the manual chair and the scooter is not (at least for now) increased captivity or imprinsonment.

it is Freedom.

Freedom from (most) falling.

Combined with a paratranisit van, it also means Freedom from concern over how to walk over ice…or snow…

Freedom from fatigue from walking too far, standing too long…

Freedom from not being able to carry things

Freedom from being the person who always moved the slowest.

Reduction in joint stress, arthritis symptoms.

Freedom to explore large accessible venues (concerts, malls, parks, etc etc etc…for as long as the batteries hold out *without fatigue.*) That is a marvel.

If anyone is out there who has come to the point where it’s darn well time to take a seat.

I hope that eventually they come to see it as freeing rather than confining…

(now if it’s a manual, and someone has to help push….there’s always that negotiation which, I am aware can be a pain in the ***. “She’s lazy. She just wants to be pushed around and do nothing for herself…” Just no.)


  1. Assistive technology said,

    My grandmother struggled trying to get around for years until we could afford a manual wheelchair for her. This was in the days before the electric ones that they have now. I’ll never forget how wonderful it was for us all to be able to go out and do things with her thanks to that technology granted mobility.

  2. Greg said,

    This is a very good explanation of the power of assistive technology. Some individuals view a wheelchair as negative when it is really a mobility device that gets me into the world. I hope you have a great day.

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