Nurture vs. the Veto

July 15, 2007 at 9:30 AM (Uncategorized) ()

Via “My Beautiful Wickedness”....

When the Decider decided against USfederal funding for embryonic stem cell reserch…

Since Canadian researchers don’t have to follow that lead. …

They’ve discovered the beginning of a path that might eventually lead to weapons against cancer and diabetes …from the cells *feeding* the stem cells, a cushion of nurturing cells that keep the stem cell running.

There may be some readers who have concerns that this might be just another way to ‘perfect’ those with impairment out of existence, separate from the pro life  concerns against using these at all.

Although I don’t see this research as a threat, the way I do characterize genetic testing for ‘defect’ as troubling, or steer clear of the “Right to Die” people…

I would genuinely respect a difference of opinion on stem cells, based on the fear that it might be turned against those with impairments, or be another brick in the  “we need to fix you, rather than accept who you are,” idea.

And, I understand that I will never change the mind of anyone who is on the pro life side of this.  I’m not trying to do that.  …but the thought of discarding this tissue that *would have been destroyed anyway…?*  That is the part of the U.S’s decision that melted my brain.  (Even so, President Bush’s decision to oppose federal funding for embryonic stem cell research didn’t eliminate it entirely here…just forced private funding….and made sure we wouldn’t win the  weapons race for these tools against cancer or diabetes against countries who allowed federal funding.)

That’s not my position…having been a cancer survivor I would welcome something that had the potential to kick it in the backside should it ever show up in me, my friends or my family.

Also I have several close friends wrestling with diabetes at this point, and have lost one very close friend to it…I don’t think a change in anyone’s body that would once again allow the body to process sugars as non-diabetics do, is a bad thing…

The study will appear in the Journal “Nature.”


  1. University Update - Diabetes - Nurture vs. the Veto said,

    […] Nile Virus Link to Article diabetes Nurture vs. the Veto » Posted at Midlife And Treachery on Sunday, […]

  2. Ranter said,

    In my mind, the benefits far outweigh the risks here. We can’t stop stem cell research simply because it may get out of hand. It’s too important.

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