Dumb Dude of the Day…

July 14, 2007 at 3:05 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was rolling through a parking lot…got a wiff of full dumpster, because of *course* the only accessible route into a building simply *must * be next to the dumpster….but except for the dumpster…a fairly *empty* parking lot…lots of non-blue-non gimp parking spaces available and some of them right across from the doorway I was aiming for….but instead of taking advantage of the nearly empty lot. DumbDude was parked across *three* disabled parking spaces loading and unloading his car…also happened to be over the ramp that I would need when the paratransit van made its appearance….

I rolled up and said “Excuse me…?”

“Need some help?” All just cheery as can be…

“No, but actually you’re…”

And then the dusty lightbulb in his third attic up sputtered to life and he really *looked* at me and said….. “Oh…” <three long beats> “I’ll…” <three long beats…> And then he fled to his car, moved it to one of the regular spaces across from the door and continued his loading/unloading… without another word.

Note to the able:

The blue spaces, the ramps, the braille buttons, the large public restroom cubicles, the curb cuts…the electric doors.

I really realize the concept is going to be difficult to wrap your heads around…but….

We Get First Dibs On Those!

Thank you,

The Management


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Yes, I am wasting a Saturday

July 14, 2007 at 2:49 PM (Uncategorized)

because I can…trash TV and all…

So I need some opinions

Next year, I need to do an in-city move when my lease here ends…I make too much for “subsidized” housing by about 3,000 a year….
I’m not concerned that the apartment people will not:

1. Lay flat carpet if I ask them to…the indoor/outdoor variety…

2. Put two bars in my restroom, that I’ll pay for and they will install…

I’m going to be very sad to miss the roll in shower….but

The elevator is becoming frequently unreliable and messed up which means I cannot leave the house, since walking down any staircase is now beyond me…kind of jeopardizing my job….which I cannot afford.  I’d leave *now* but they won’t let me change to a first floor apartment…


The non negotiable’s for the new spot.

Indoor parking. (either a single garage, or a parking structure preferably attached to the unit or building)

Rented or bought washer and dryer hookups so I can do my share of the laundry.

If it’s a high rise, at least two separate elevators so it would take a power failure throughout the building to incapacitate them.

Everything else is up for grabs….

The advice is:  Do I go high-rise or do I just get a ground floor ground level access unit???

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