Hissy Fit

July 12, 2007 at 6:24 PM (Uncategorized)

I mean a real animalistic hiss, front teeth clenched, lips drawn back from the teeth, and an effort made to modulate the intensity of the sound coming out of the mouth…

I was in a public space on Wednesday night, watching a film.

Two relatively well known political persons had some brief screen time during said film.

While these well known persons were onscreen:

There were no cheers from the audience

There were no boos at all. No soft polite boos, or loud rauccous frat-boy boos…

Just a sudden common urge picked up by the rest of the crowd…to hiss at the screen. Young people, midlifers, old people, rich people, poor people.

Now my Permanently Adolescent side thought…Wow. and enjoyed the hissing somewhat…

But then when I came home, I was sobered.

If one has concerns about these two briefly shown political persons…it’s long past time to do more than hiss in a theater…and the fact that suddenly much of the crowd was drawn into it…the tiniest beginning of an irrational group impulse…

That worries me.

We are not cats, and this is not the jungle.



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