July 4, 2007 at 10:13 AM (Iraq War) ()

I’ve been accused of that.

So, for the record.

I love the ideas that made it into the Constitution and most of the ones that made it in later as amendments.

I love the Bill of Rights.

I love freedom of speech.

I love freedom of the press. (even though it means that I have to hear about ideas I hate)

When laws get winked at and passed over, no matter who does the winking, left or right…

That is the *worst* kind of precedent to set…and was not the intent of the framers…

Anymore than the idea that to fight an enemy, one must listen in not just to the conversations with the enemy, but the rest of us as well…

Or, when “bad law” cannot be amended, revised or superseded by “good law….”

And while there are individual soldiers that I believe step over lines…Abu Ghirab being the most visible example of why we get seen as “the bad guys.”

I don’t support preemptive war. I don’t support the way they were sent. I believe I support the troops.

To follow orders and carry out missions in that climate against the opposition…I cannot imagine the level of competence that permits patrols and convoys to go and return….

The family, at home here waiting for word…

I don’t intend to transfer any anger I have at the policymakers to any vets deployed or returning.

I have profound disagreements with the policy that sent them to Iraq.

All of the above doesn’t make me “unpatriotic.”

Happy Fourth to the right and the middle and the left and the outsiders….

It belongs to all of us.


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  1. dale100 said,

    Amen to that!

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