And a bit o’ Political Snarkage about Rights

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Political moment of snark: are the rights we used to have (before we found out prisoners could be held withought trial, abused in custody, renditioned, tortured…detained indefinitely… or that our emails or phone conversations were fair game)… have all those rights gone missing for good because our security setup was lax enough to allow 19 crazy guys through airport security checks with skills and items they could use to help them implode three planes and kill (roughly) 3000 of us?

I have a request. Before any more of our soldiers in Iraq or any more civilians in the Middle East are brought down…

*Find* our rights and give them back, along with all those missing emails, close Gitmo, (right now I won’t haggle with you on how *long* it takes to do it…Just for Gossake *begin the process of doing so..* and quit whining about how difficult it is) and stand up like men and women with spine as well as (shock) principle and admit You Were Wrong…although it kinda looks like the ghosts of the Founding Father’s (you know, those guys that wrote a little thing called the Constitution?) have already opened up a can of Karmic Whup Ass on you…

And I was going to write one more line, but I’ve heard of persons getting sued for things they blog, so that last line aint here.

I’ll just link to this instead.

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No middle ground.

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Opening Thesis: (Going back to a little middle school paper writing structure to make the ideas come more easily out of my recovering head):

Everybody has a window of competence.

That window may include simple things like eating, drinking,  rolling over…listening or smiling…

Or it may include genius level work in the sciences, arts,academics…

And every step in between….

So, if everybody has a window of competence…If that is a valid idea…

How about an some additional “rights”!

See, this makes people nervous…

“Can’t go adding rights…or taking them away…that’s UnAmerican, or uncouth or unconstitutional…or…

Or… Expensive?

(Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that?  Did I actually imply tht a society that maximizes it’s members potential could *cost money?*  I guess I did.  How gauche of me.)

I just believe that *everybody* has a right to

1. Have help discovering what their competencies are.

2. Have help trying to expand or diversify those things.

3. And have help attempting morphing their favorite skills or activities  into something self supporting, or failing that, have help finding a competency that might lead to self support even it’s not their favorite thing in the world.

4. And if that is never possible, or,  if they’ve attempted and come around to find that the pieces of their competencies are just not things they can get paid for….acknowledgment that ‘quality of life’ is also something everybody has a right to help with…

I’m woolgathering a bit…


The able need a label, either something they can assign arbitrarily and hide their own fear of becoming impaired behind it…or something that they can draw from the resources of their profession. (The ‘medicalized’ labels)

A disquieting trend in medicine appears to consider and allow those with cognitive impairment as ‘subjects’ to perform procedures on…of course, informed consent is never sought and so never recieved, because the  medicalized subtext of “cognitive impairment” implies inability to give *or withhold* consent…. and now even “fair game for trials, tests…”

And, the incapacity can be very brief, in other words an unconsicous patient in some ER’s around the country could find themselves as part of a trial…to study the effects of accidental trauma…

Cognitive impairment is not a free pass for…so called, study.

I always thought the goals of the teachers that I saw working with students with cognitive impairment (even in the big, bad 1960’s and 1970’s), was to find their window of competence and support, expand and develop it, not just so they could have a shot at being productive, [God I hate that word] but to assist the children and their advocates or parents in a positive manner to give the person a more varied tapestry of events and competencies in life…to challenge them yes, but not as a set up for failure…

Before anyone calls me naieve, I know much more now about the horrid disinterest, indifference, imprisonment,  and abuses that happen when a child or adult with cognitive impairment is misdiagnosed and also neglected.

That part of my sojourn in the blogosphere has been quite the education …

And the part that gets my grey matter all knotted up is that those who want to perform these studies, tests, trials, treatments…they *believe* they are on the side of the *Good Caregivers* and not the horrible gone wrong abuses.

Is everyone in the US a person?*  Yes.

Do those with impairments all have access to the same rights?  No.

*Why* *Not*?

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