The Princes

June 22, 2007 at 7:35 PM (Uncategorized) ()

I’m not a ‘royals’ freak…but I wanted to hear the Princes speak for themselves. I was interested.

So, last night MSNBC reran Matt Lauer’s interview with William and Harry.

I just got kind of indignant *for* them all over again.

I’m thinking:

So, first you lose your beloved Mom to crazed guerilla photographers…and you just *would have liked* to have her around more. (I love that she took them to Disney World and nicknamed Prince William “Wombat” after he’d been to Austrailia when he was two.)

*Then* when you yourselves reach the age of consent, the amount of negative newsprint devoted to you becomes staggering and affects your ability to have a relationship…

They know little about it, and don’t read it at all…thank goodness.

They’re guys, and they do their philanthropic work in a ‘guy’ way (go on safari and help those in need on the same trip), but both seemed earnest about wanting to continue philanthropic things, in the way and example of their Mom.

They pick at each other a bit, and that was fun to watch, because it was just famillial ribbing, not cruel…

Harry is kinda self deprecating, pointing out that William is the more intelligent of the two, where Harry’s been known to goof.

They didn’t come off as squeaky perfect because some of the aformentioned tabloid photos were interspersed…

They’re human men, stuck in a lifelong fishbowl…

They did not ‘ask’ to be princes.

But I think Diana would be proud of them, human failings and all…

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