“Mental Health”

June 16, 2007 at 12:59 PM (medical ethics)

There are things I don’t get.

I’m too old for someone to explain them to me….

I refuse to go into the grim parts, of the mental health aspect of this weekend…

Except for the roomate channelling me because I was not verbal that day, but she knows me well. “What part of non-ambulatory don’t you get? You took her chair and want to catheterize her since you are legally bound to restrict her access to the restroom…. “Security” on a person like this becomes redundant at best!”

(and, to be brutally honest, pushed me *towards* Doing Something Unwise, not *away* from it…)

but honestly, there was some funny stuff stuffed around the edges, kinda like when you overmake your bed and you stuff all these things in the corners.

All these studies, you know…

And catchy slogans about how Fat Is Bad.

They trip each other up trying to be logical.

Make up your minds….

Are we weak willed losers?

Are we slaves to the lack of leptin? (Leptin always sounds like some screwy cure-all drug from one of those B-Movie “They Saved Hitler’s Andromeda Strained Brain, or something…)

Are we addicts? (For me, and myself alone, this is the category I fall into about food. So me getting self righteous about my alchoholic dad is stupid on several levels, I suppose.)

Are we new poster children for the Current Fascination With the Seven Deadly Sins?

Everyone is all jazzed about the Obesity Crisis….but they seem angry because you cannot do a Preemptive War on Fat.

It has to “show up” first before you get to make war on it….

And some skinny androgynous guy ‘evaluated’ me, and decides I need to read a book to understand my maternal parent….(I should be fair, he was pleasant and moderately intelligent)

She didn’t come with an owner’s manual. And no-one who has not met her would be able to deliniate the various tracks her mind has been on in the last seven years…

…and then, as they all do, they decide they can’t put me in a box and label me as the latest victim of the Obesity Crisis, because I have more members on my family tree that required treatment for depression than the full complement of an American football team…

So, they then separate the brain from the body…discussing the state of my head… Oh, it’s a chemical, imbalance,it’s generational, it’s genetic, I understand….

But the *body* is still

A sinful,weak-willed loser,addict of a body…

And the dehydration, the lithotrypsy in your future, the temporarily screwed up electrolytes….

We don’t have time for that…take a pill and be quiet.

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