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June 6, 2007 at 9:55 PM (Uncategorized)

Go read Planet of the Blind about TV, candidates, ex cons, and searching for the “quality of life channel…”

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Still wrestling…but I think there’s a truth

June 6, 2007 at 9:46 PM (Assumptions) ()

that I need to reiterate a bit.

Moving through tough emotional times…but. but. but.

I’ve written about past tough times before on this blog.

Many, and perhaps even most, of the things that have been difficult for me…would have been tough even if I were able bodied.

And, on the flip side…Not every joy a disabled person experiences is the result of being “special.”

We maneuver *through* life differently…

We have the architectural /societal barrier thing going, and yes it’s an ongoing PITA.

But ok, here are things that can be difficult, whether one is able or not…

Collateral damage from alcholism.


Losing a parent

Losing a spouse

A toxic relationship or two

Dealing with aging parents

to any able listening, those should sound familiar.

And, the things that make people happy, able or not…

Kids (sometimes.)

Hobbies and the arts.





Good friends

Whomever is your family, related or not, if you have a close bond.

Socializing, real and virtual.

 Advocacy/Volunteering/employment the satisfaction of a task well completed…

It feels sometimes that if someone with an impairment expresses that they’re having a rough day or week that some of the able assume it must have to do with their physical setup.

PWD’s have more in common with the able,than the able imagine.

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