It’s not up to “Inspriational Crip” standards…

June 4, 2007 at 6:49 PM (Uncategorized)

I’m tired.

or tuckered.

It was a work Monday, neither awful nor marvelous.

and, I’m going to do the uncool and admit that I’m too freakin tired to be snarky/funny/interesting/deep/shallow/boring…right now…

So, I’ll try and write something later in the week….

But, what is it about tired?

If a crip admits it, are we automatically fueling a stereotype?

Or, if we *don’t* admit it, are we unintentionally bolstering the Supercrip Myth?

If I was still a drinkin’ broad…the hidden dangers of admitting fatigue would make me race for the barstool.

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  1. Bobby said,

    Hmm. Interesting conundrum.

    So…if a crip admits it…they’re fueling what stereotype? I’m not sure. That crips can’t do stuff because they’re tired all the time?

    I don’t get stereotypes.

    Being tired is human, people. I’d be worried if a crip of all people didn’t get tired. XD

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