I’ve hit that time, and glad of it

June 3, 2007 at 3:30 PM (Attitude Adjustment)

Over at Ballastexistenz,  

various persons have taken some time to decide that a mutual aquaintance  of theirs *is* a certain way, or that Amanda is a fake, or any number of other things…meant to tarnish.  Meant to make someone be percieved in a negative manner. I’m angered for her that she or her friend need to put up with that…

But when I read her post, I thought…

There’s a certain point that you hit in life.  It can’t be calculated by number of years or number of experiences.

First I’ll say that there are things about me that my offline friends or my family don’t know

Second, I’ll say that I’d handle any or all of it becoming generally known with not much of a ripple in my life.

My answer, given my Snark O’ Meter lately, would probably be

“Yes, *and* this is supposed to “bring me down,” how?

So, long and short of it, I don’t care.  It matters little to me if *the rest* of my unflattering, disputeable, debatable, not so niceness came to be known.

So, when I see the ‘net’s home of anonymous shaming…turn on someone else, I get mad for them….and I wonder why I’m not worried that a similar problem could befall me….
There are some good things about being [percieved as a] useless middle aged hag by people I meet offline.

No one gets juice out of setting you up as a target.

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