Cell Phones: 21rst Century Consciences

April 22, 2007 at 1:50 PM (Assistive Technology, film)

At least on film.  I’m not talking about Steven King’s booga booga book “Cell” or the short lived, but amazing speculative fiction TV series “Threshold” where they become “evil…”

But they’ve almost crossed that line into being characters themselves, a versatile irritating moralist that you don’t need to pay wages, or buy costumes or make up for.  They’ll *give* you lines, you don’t need to write them.  And the only cost are the contracts written in labrythine language that mean you’ll be paying for it for at least three years…

Money, time, and impairment mean that I’m still a movie fan but I’m always going to be about six months behind…

My Netflix batch this week included “Notes on a Scandal,” where a cell phone has a hand in undoing Cate Blanchetts cozy life (not that Dame Judy Densch’s Scariest  Old Maid *Ever!* or Cate’s own entitled clueless woman didn’t do the major unraveling already)

And “The Departed.”  The phone is the real snitch, working both sides, giving alibis, granting favors,providing direction, misdirection, confusion…as well as the warning note of retribution, that in the earliest movies, was left to music alone, and before the arrival of cell phones, was  a phyisical character (a bartender, a priest, an elderly sage), sound, music,  a sunset, a church bell…

It’s hard for a simple piece of tech to upstage  Jack Nicholson…Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, but it nearly does…

And, for me it did upstage the two actors that everybody else loves but me, Mark Walberg who basically had to show up, be offensive and wave his gun, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who I’ve just not had my “My God, he’s *such* a wonderful  actor!” epiphany about yet…

I hope for a bit part someday…where I get to wave a rubber mallet, and smash the little beeping shiny sonofa…to pieces.

Sigh.  But I need one too.  How else could I ever be sure of paratransit showing up on time?


  1. bridgett said,

    I haven’t seen most of the movies you’re talking about. I’ll see your accessibility/disabilty and raise you motherhood. I expect that Turner Classics is going to be great for me in another thirty years — all of them will be first-run!

    However, I hear you on the Leo DeCaprio thing. I just don’t get why everyone is so enthusiastic…I mean, he’s fine to look at and he’s competent and intelligent, but that’s the price of entry, init? Maybe I should see The Aviator. And Markie Mark will always be “Markie Mark the Brother of Donnie who did some Underwear Commercial, I think…” I liked Boogie Nights despite him.

  2. Ranter said,

    I saw both movies, and was duly impressed with each. Notes on a Scandal was disturbingly gripping. Both Cate and Judy did a phenomenal job with their characters. I was especially intrigued with Judy Dench’s character though. It made me uncomfortable to watch her at times, which was brilliant! (I don’t mean that in the British way, but in the actual “brilliant” way). I go to movies to be entertained, but that includes being scared, being uncomfortable, being disgusted, etc. It’s not all about what my brother calls entertainment.. the bigger the explosion, the better. There’s a time and place for that too. I, too, am not a Leo fan. Never have been. Always felt he was extremely overrated. Titanic was the biggest bunch of sappy baloney I’ve ever seen. I didn’t feel that way about The Departed. With the exception of the last 2 minutes, which almost ruined the movie for me, I thought Leo did a great job with this project. In fact, it was the first movie that made me sit up and take notice of him. I felt he was just a little more grown up and real in this movie. He wasn’t just hiding behind his pretty face. My friend who I saw it with initially felt the same about Leo. She also was impressed with him in this role. Mark W has always just “been there” in movies, as far as I’m concerned, but I actually got a kick out of his sniveling character this time.

  3. imfunny2 said,

    I really agree about the last two minutes…that was….”What?”

    Not satsfying, not expected…

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