On Campus

April 18, 2007 at 4:06 PM (Uncategorized)

What’s good is still good.

This is a very outdated list but I’m hoping some of this still happens on campuses.

Music, art, film, poetry, drama performances/exhibitions all easily accessible.

Classes that spark enthusiasm rather than boredom (yeah, I know there’s some others too.)

Wrestling with new ideas that you hadn’t seen yet…

Decent sports

Learning how to innovate new cooking strategies when money runs low.



Examining your own preconcieved notions and deciding what might need to change and what stands up well.

A place that allows some learning for learning’s sake–there are goals and deadlines certainly, some tough ones…but they still don’t show as harsh as “jobs” or even “careers” in the wider world.

Campus life doesn’t lose what’s good when something like this happens.

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