Universal Health Care: Why? (updated with some hard numbers )

April 6, 2007 at 7:04 PM (Medicaid, Medicare, TennCare, Universal Health Care) (, )

I have a lot of things boiling in my head that never make it out on to this blog: Why? Because sometimes I haven’t got a goddamn clue how to distill the incomplete murky half thoughts half emotions that are there for a darn good reason, but have never foccussed. Never crystallized completely.

I was directed by bridgett, who reads here, to a great blog entry that truly brings the debate on Universal Health Care to the next level.

I humbly request….no actually, I want to virtually *demand,* by rolling into the streets and dragging every sloppy thinker that jabbers on about “moral hazard” and why this country simply *must* have privately funded health insurance that *every single politician who ever opposed universal health care read that post.*

I’m not going to say we need universal health care so that “more” can be covered.

Every human being is someone special to somebody.

If we had single payor coverage that had no “age limit” (either too old or too young to recieve care…)

We wouldn’t have to kill as many people.

It’s not about millions of faceless persons who don’t live in your neighborhood and will never make enough money to buy your *sort* of car or clothing.

It’s about that one person that you love most.

*When* those in DC sign funding cuts, or don’t expand services that are vitally necessary for people to keep on*living.* Just stop a minute. Stop. And realize you are risking the health and *lives* of someone’s spouse, best friend, child, sibling.

People *die* without care.

And those who have the power to make change wag their heads about “terrible tragedy.”

Just Shut Up a minute. And look straight into the face of that person, whomever they might be that you love best.

When you resist single payor health care, you are killing someone who is *just like* that person you love.

They are like the person you love because they also have someone whose face lights up when they see their email, hear their call, or visit with them. *People.*

The patients abandoned in Los Angeles.

The countless disenrollees from Tennesee’s “TennCare,” system who had no choice but to stop getting care…some died before the “photo op” of a new budget year allowed some to re-enroll.

The children and adults legally put to death under Texas “futile care” law.

The person with mental ilness who literally dies of despair because try as they might, even after decades…visions of past abusers, that day that they got beat up, or the day someone held a knife to their throat rise up and make them wish to die themselves and if there is no coverage for medicine or therapy, well then too bad.

The seemingly healthy uninsured persons who drop dead from symptomless killers like high blood pressure because if they *don’t have insurance* they put off going to the doctor.

The many who die in institutions because well, shit, it’s easier to stack them up and wait for them to expire, than manage the cheaper but more difficult to execute care in the home.

Just quit whining about the cost. Because you would make sure that the person you love best got care when they needed it…

You shouldn’t get to ‘play God’ with the life or health of someone elses beloved friend or relative…

*But that’s what you do* everytime you cut Medicare or Medicaid and shrug off the uninsured.

People with medical needs don’t *stop being people* when they *start to cost more to keep alive.*

And, (how’s this for a kicker) You create more medical financial or mental health need *by denying that Universal Health Care is a right.*

When a family loses someone because they died for lack of treatment, *the entire family,* who might have been healthy as horses before they lost their loved one…

Could be driven into bankruptcy and lose a home because of the costs.

Could have grieving/emotional/mental and physical health issues *of their own* for years because of the *way* the person died, and under what circumstances.

And thus, *those that are left* have more stress and *their* own medical costs rise…

Deferring appropriate care can be fatal, and will almost always lead to addtional expense multiplying by the friends and family left behind….

Does single payor have it’s downside? Yes.

But *what we have* is profit driven, neglectful, inadequate and often absent altogether. This isn’t about the dreaded ‘rationed’ care, troubles of some system *we don’t have yet.*

It’s about what is well and truly fubared, *in the present system.*

Life. Liberty The Pursuit of Happiness.

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Oh, and PS. It saves money. Here are some hard numbers, for those not convinced by death.

And this comment was just kickass, so I had to drag it back here…

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