Public Officials + Decent Marketing=Fun

April 4, 2007 at 6:11 PM (Commercials, Denver Politics) ()

One of the reasons I love living in Denver:

Back east, if a Mayor’s hair caught fire, or he put the city into financial default (Sorry Dennis!) it meant at least twenty years of derogatory name calling…for the Mayor in question or the city itself.

Here, we have a Mayor that at least has the guts to keep his last name (“Hickenlooper?”), and has publicly taken at least some responsibility for the Election nightmare in 2006, and other difficult times.

Recently a commercial for a health fair started airing…commercial opens with Mayor Hickenlooper, and Governor Ritter settling back on chaise lounges. discussing an upcoming health fair.

Hickenlooper: “So what’s your bloodpressure?”

Ritter: (Some obscenely good number)


Ritter to Hickenlooper: So what’s *your* bloodpressure?

Hickenlooper, casually: “Same ballpark.”

Ritter: The dugout or the [nosebleed seats]?

Hickenlooper: [provides a not so healthy bloodpressure number]

Ritter, with geniune sympathy: “It was the blizzards, wasn’t it?”

Hickenlooper, with a put upon sigh: “Oh, yeah.”

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