If you’re a Law and Order fan…

April 3, 2007 at 5:43 PM (Deaf Actors, Law and Order)

I’m quoting below from an email I recieved from the Justice For All Listserv:

” TONIGHT, April 3, 9pm EST – Law & Order: Criminal Intent is
featuring an episode called “The Silencer” starring a talent-heavy
cast of Deaf actors, including:

Deanne Bray
Alexandria Wailes
Garrett Zuercher
Darren Frazier
Hillary Baack
Willy Conley
Raymond Luczak ”

(This is not meant to categorize Deaf people as having a disability. I’m just curious to see how this mainstream portrayal plays out…I believe the episode will air in Denver at 8PM MDT, but if it’s a straight two hour tape delay it may air at 7:00 MDT

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