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I actually did horseback riding for a summer between 7th and eighth grade…in order that my mother be able to look for work during the days…

It was difficult, because that summer there were no “adaptations…” Hard to climb up the side of the horse…hard to explain why “perfect form” with my heels down and my toes up was almost impossible for my right foot.

Mucking out the stall, grooming, putting on tack Walking, trotting, low jumps…those all went well.

But, I wanted to go fast….Footraces, running never did work well….

So on one day the lanky bad tempered gelding and myself flew up and down a course once or twice…and I stayed on the animal even with my lousy balance…

Closest thing to running I’ve experienced. Great Stuff

After a year off for surgery, I joined an adaptive riding program and that worked even better (there was a graded ramp that went so high you could actually lean *over* the saddle and swing the far leg over…) until the afternoon I flew over the shoulders of my mount and landed in the dust of the indoor ring in front of him. He had been trained to stop the moment the rider left the saddle, and he was bumping at me concerned that suddenly I was at his feet, not on his back….

The point…?

None really, except one that I’ve made before.

Crips can be good at adapting, since we’re forced to do it often in our lives.

If you (or your child) can’t do a thing in the “usual” way… figure out an unsual way to have a similar experience.

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