My five choices for the “Thinking Blogger”

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award .

Nickie’s Nook, because she’s young *and* sharp minded (must be all that coffee *grin*)  Note: LJ login needed.

And, Falling Off My Pedestal,

because she’s not afraid to talk about difficult things.

And, yes I’m shamelessly nominating my good friend at My Beautiful Wickedness, because she’s been making me think (on and off) for more than twenty years now.

Cheaper Than Therapy 

because she makes me think and laugh at the same time….

And The 19th Floor that I wish I’d found sooner…


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More from the best

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Blue’s Slumgullion…

Two “money quotes” from a review of Martha Nussbaums “Frontiers of Justice: Disability,Nationality,Species Membership.”
[People with disabilities] “…should nevertheless be considered full citizens entitled to dignified lives, even if no one could gain from cooperating with them. She notes that the social contract tradition has always denied the reality of dependency, despite the obvious fact that everyone is dependent on others during infancy, old age, injury, and illness. “


…Historically women have done most of the largely unpaid work of caring for dependents, so by ignoring women, the social contract theorists conveniently evaded the thorny issue of justice for dependents and caregivers. Nussbaum argues that justice for people with disabilities should include whatever special arrangements are required for them to lead a dignified life, and the work of caring for them should be socially recognized, fairly distributed, and fairly compensated…”

[Emphasis mine. My only quibble with Nussbaum is, I’d rather that the obstacles we face *not* be lumped in with the neglect of animals. It reinforces the idea that we are some sort of socieatal “pet” or “Pillow Angel” that needs tending.]

For the last three and so years as a country, America has seen fit to write “blank checks” for war and arms profiteering.

But the idea that “whatever special arrangements are required for [PWD’s] to lead a dignified life…” is simply a necessary part of this nation and the world’s business…

Supporters of limited government of course oppose any such thing. (They do of course, admit to the ADA and other international laws being binding [but they call it a ‘bad law’], and avow concern for people with disabilities, certainly, a concern that is geniuine for many of them, as far as it goes)… but when *that concern* comes into conflict with governmental or political or ideological concerns that they cherish….adherence to those tenents voids out any recognition of the cold hard fact of dependence, for *every human being* who does not die in their youth or prime. They will have some *time of dependence* short or long in their lives.

There is no shame in that, no disgrace.

Recognition of that, funding of that and ceasing to *whine* about that in various ways, is what those who favor limited government need to look in the face and get done.

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