A new “spin” on supercripdom

March 31, 2007 at 6:30 PM (Assumptions, cancer) ()

In the last few weeks both Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow’s cancer became the focus of much public discussion and debate.

And, all I could think of when Elizabeth Edwards said that she and her husband were not going to allow “cancer any control over us, ” my reaction was, shall we say atypical.

“Christ. Now, as a survivor, or worse yet if a reccurence shows up for me the well ones in my life, *both* on the left and right will say:

‘Come on!  Elizabeth Edwards/Tony Snow handled high profile high energy tasks while coping with cancer and You Can Too!'”

Just another impossibly high bar to set that I can fail at.

Thanks a freakin bunch.

And besides that, good looking charismatic ambitious intelligent John Edwards is *pissing me off!* [and I really wish he hadn’t.]

Believe it or not, after watching that interview my primary vote is changing and not in a good way for the Edwards clan.

If you have someone you truly love,respect and support that has cancer…

The personal bond *has* to mean more than any personal ambition *including the Presidency.*”

Senator Edwards, you are not stupid. You are not without compassion.

Of *course* she would *never* stand between you and what you want.

She loves you enough not to do that…She loves you so much she’s willing to stand up to the impossibly invasive scrutiny of the campaign and then possibly the Vice Presidency or even the White House.

You dolt. *Be* smart enough to redirect your work and hers to good causes, even great ones, that you and she can work at *and enjoy each other’s time with the blessing of relative privacy.*

She’ll never be publicly ‘selfish’ enough to ask you to stop.

Be *perceptive* enough to understand that your kids and your wife might need you more out of the public spotlight than in it…and take the step back *yourself!*

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