March 30, 2007 at 6:32 PM (Control, The Good Stuff: Fridays) (, )

I like Friday nights.

Because I get to come home, with an entire weekend ahead of me where…

No outside “productivity” standards to meet.

I can play the same music 30 times and no one cares.

I can lose myself in my latest addiction, the political gabfest shows (PBS,NPR) and no one says boo.

I can dress comfortably

I can go barefoot (helps in maneuvering manual chair without wrist usage)

I’m allowed to watch crappy television that I don’t dare admit I like in public

I can stay up late. (I still get a charge out of that, as if I was in high school.)

I get things done, but they’re on my timetable and *thats* fine.

I can expand my food choices a bit, because I am safe at home.

I can peruse the free movies offered by my cable service and choose one that suits my taste and complete it before the roomate comes home.

I like having a space where the rules are mine.

There are a bunch of lousy things about managing your life yourself with few family or friends physically nearby…

But running your own show in your own place *at your own pace,* without complaint or much criticism… That is a good thing.

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  1. Bobby said,

    Agreed on everything.

    Weekends just rock.

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