Some able person is always flapping

March 28, 2007 at 7:34 PM (Able Bodied Antics) ()

their jaw that people with disabilities are [insert negative word here].

They imply that we’d get further in life if we weren’t such [insert slur here]

Well, there are these fifteen hundred or so things that happen to us that may be seen as *tiny* individually, but then they have a cumulative effect of ” Oh hell no, I’m not going to be quiet about [fifteen hundred little ways the able world, intentionally or not, hands down the disrespect.]

Don’t worry. I’m not going to list them all.

Just the two that were freshly apparent tonight.

Went to a chain restaurant that specializes in various Asian types of food which I love, since it fits my rather narrow “What I can eat without becoming ill,” parameters…


Did you know that if you are in a wheelchair, you can’t possibly be the one paying for dinner? Waiter automatically assumed the check would be paid by the more “able” looking person at the table. To be fair, he gave good service…it’s just that automatic assumption that makes me *want* to be neurotic and difficut and tap him on the belt and say, “Yes, amazingly enough I can pay for dinner…!”


If the regular chairs are mashed together like one of those insanely difficult obstacle courses on “Survivor,” it stands to reason that when the chair gets wheeled out, someone’s going to have to move…Kudo’s to a young lady who did just that with a smile and no complaint, and a hiss to the rest of about 13 diners that did move, but with noticeable grimaces on their faces.

I’ve got more, but it will have to wait

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