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March 16, 2007 at 9:28 PM (Abuse by Caregivers)

Seems to be the goal of that “Futile Care” law in Texas…

From the Justice for All Listserv….apparently the 10 day clock has begun for a child in Texas…if the mom cannot find another facility to take the child, care will be withdrawn at the end of that time and the child will die.

Partial text of my letter to the Governors representative:

“… purposeful neglect to achieve the end of complying with Texas Futile Care Law.

If the child was an Iraq war veteran, doctors would (at least initially) work miracles to try and save them.

If the family was wealthy, the child would already be on a plane to another facility, so I assume the family is not wealthy.

This is a child…they cannot act for themselves, and the hospital ethics committee, like the committee that ruled on “The Ashley Treatment,” seem to base their standard of care on how much care the market will bear for people with severe impairments.

I have multiple disabilities…was impaired enough at that age, that if I were in the same situation now…if I lived in Texas…if my parents were poor and without insurance…

There’d be no chance of anyone reading this email…
This is a *bad law* and needs to be struck down….but while it is in force….

If the Governor can pardon criminals or stay the execution of death row inmmates…

The Governor can act to give the mother of this child more time to find a facility that has questions and concerns about the “Futile Care” Law in Texas

As far as these doctors believe *as of this moment* nothing can be done for this child.

But Futile Care is only really “Fuitile Care,” to the extent doctors know *today* *now.* It says *nothing* about the future possibility of help or potential of this child…I believe the wording of this law is nothing but cold blooded corporate dealmaking … to deprive parents of the right to direct the care of their children, all to safeguard that “bottom line.”

Please consider using the power of the governors office to provide more time for the mom to come up with alternatives.”

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