An opinion about politicians and pundits

March 13, 2007 at 8:25 PM (Uncategorized) ()

They *all* drive me nuts on some level, because to a greater or lesser degree what becomes public knowledge about them is always a variation on them squinting at a camera or writing a column or holding a press conference and saying:

“The Rules Don’t Apply to Me.”

The list is going to be fairly GOP heavy, but I invite those on the opposite side of the fence to provide some Dem ne’er do wells, if they choose to.

“I have a cool nickname and made deals all over the House of Representatives to get done what I want done. –The Rules Don’t Apply to Me.” (Well, they were DeLayed, but he eventually got hit by the rules.)

“It really doesn’t matter to me if a career government employee who handled sensitive work gets raked over the coals…as long as her husband gets the message…As a matter of fact I’ll sacrifice the reputation and career of my best aide for just such a purpose–The Rules Don’t Apply To Me”

“That Constitution is just a ratty old laundry list with signatures on it…I can make a new one up right away because–“The Rules Don’t Apply to Me (This of course, is what we’ll get if Newt is in fact Next.)

“It’s not necessary that I spell, speak correctly or have seen the inside of a dictionary in six years–signing statements are all that’s necessary to perpetuate this profit making machine—I mean ‘er…Global War on Terra because, since I’m the President–The Rules Don’t Apply To Me.

“We are Congress…we do not need to balance the checkbook or actually read the bills we pass because–The Rules Don’t Apply To Us–Just look at the health benefits we get!”

“My many indiscretions don’t keep me up nights because I’m so charismatic that The Rules Don’t Apply To Me!”

“I see nothing inconsistent in being a people’s candidate while owning one of the largest homes in my state…Ostentation is fine because “The Rules Don’t Apply To Me.”

“I can call anyone any name I please and get away with it, because somehow, my party loves me and The Rules Don’t Apply to Me.” (O’Reilly, Coulter)…

I can bilk my constituents out of thousands of dollars because–The Rules Don’t Apply to Me!” (Jefferson,Cunningham)

“I can provide funds for the reconstruction of the infrastructure of an entire nation and be unconcerned when there’s no accounting done on stacks and stacks of [tax] dollars handed out because–The Rules Don’t Apply to Me.”

Yes, they do, and I am so sick and tired of leaders obviously and openly acting like petty tyrants in their positions, and “media personalities” who become more incendiary by the hour to make their living by sheer hate.

We [as of yet]

Are not a dictatorship.

Are not a theocracy

Are not a lawless nation.

*Everyone running around making fiefdoms for themselves will have to follow rules, or the toughest equalizer of all, karma.*

Just admit that what we learned in 12th grade civics has some merit….

Checks and balances.

The rule of law

The Constitution

Elected officials by [ostensibly] fair and open voting.

International treaties and laws

…and stop treating tax revenue like it is an endless supply of funds for a war we cannot win.

Stop treating your constituents as though they were stupid.

Answer to the people you work for.


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Hey, this Daylight Savings Jumpstart

March 13, 2007 at 7:46 PM (Colorado Weather and Outdoors)

aint such a bad deal, eventhough my computer had to be reset about every fifiteen minutes on Monday…

Went to work in sunlight and went home in it too….

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