A good start to the week….

March 12, 2007 at 8:01 PM (Ex Love Interests From Hell) ()

I used to be an academic. I left because my perception was, I had to make a choice between continung my masters almost from the beginning when my master’s thesis notes were stolen…and putting my energy into what I knew would be a marriage that needed all of my focus in order not to run off the rails, either medically or emotionally…and went out to find employment at places more often known as “jobs” than “careers”

I began to question how smart I was…You first get rusty at the heavy reading and writing and then you forget about it all together…

But the industry I’m in requires an examination of great length….they allow 210 minutes for candidates to complete the first two out of four tests…

I was done in 65 minutes. Passed the first time…It feels to me commensurate to the understanding of a given subject that I had to have as a junior in college, for example.

The one good thing about my worst ex boyfriend-post-marriage, TheMostEvilDisabledManAlive, was the creativity of nicknames he used to assign to his friends…

I was Front Row Girl, the image of that annoying curve-wrecking student who had the answers, according to the nickname…

It’s good to know that at 45 all the grey matter hasn’t rendered itself down to mush yet….

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