Moral Arbiters or “Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog…”

March 10, 2007 at 2:38 PM (Opinion) ()

Many on the right have claimed for decades that *they themselves*, as well as the philosophies that they subscribe to are the ones who know and *practice* correct moral behavior so they’re the ones who have a position of authority to speak from when a country’s leader does something inappropriate to his office.

I know we’re going back in time a bit here, but bear with me.

I had no problem with President Clinton being called “on the carpet” in some fashion for his um, interlude with an intern. My opinion was it didn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense. I was much angrier that he *got caught,* because that did indicate either careless disregard or mind numbing stupidity. I don’t like having persons who do stupid things run my country. He, in his position at the time was the US, highest ranking elected official. When you go for the top job, you are held to a higher standard of conduct *and a higher standard of discretion,* than say, the local anonymous minimum wage worker…

But come on. Cleveland,Harding,Roosevelt,Kennedy…..they were tomcats as well and *none of them* were impeached for it.

And Mr Newt Gingrich was one of the biggest benefactors/players in the circus that was made of Clinton’s conduct.

Mr Newt Gingrich was also a high elected official, held to similar higher standards of behavior due to his position.

And we find the biggest ugliest case of the pot calling the kettle black seen in quite some while…

“Why did he spill his guts on Dobson’s show?” I wondered, and then the cynic in me said, “*That’s it!* Someone probably contacted him, advised this was going public soon, so he figured to limit the damage by taking control of the forum and the manner in which the information came to light…”

A note to the religious right…If your own record of conduct is less than exemplary, then fess up to it right from the start, and begin your arguments with, “Well what I did was wrong but he was the president…and go from there…You’ll be praised for your honesty instead of decried for hypocrisy.

And God told me to tell you He’d like that better too.

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“You don’t know what you’re missing”

March 10, 2007 at 1:50 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

The above quote came from a physician when I was a college freshman. He opined that the only way I could have seemed as pleased with my life at the time was because, since I wasn’t born able bodied, I “didn’t know what I was missing.”

I can say that, though it will sound like treason, the following is quite true.

I don’t love exersize although I do more of it than I used to… *and* I don’t pine to be a triathlete or a basketball star….

I can make reasonble guesses to what it’s like to be proficient at a sport, and I could care less. Occasionally I do like to watch the top of any field practice their skills,,,but it is immaterial to me that I cannot physically do what athletes do. (Although I’m truly angry at the amount pro athletes are paid…just ridiculous.)

And, obsession with fitness can be just as off putting as certain of my pop culture obsessions…

I’ve never had business ambition…I would hate being a manager…

And, I don’t miss the patently obvious (to an outside observer) game playing that goes one when two conventionally beautiful popular, well off people decide whether they’ll, date, make love, move in, marry, divorce, remarry, have a scandal, and get old lonely and rich. If they’re both the shallow type, *they* miss so much of what’s important that at this late age, I actually pity them.

The only athletic things I did miss in my youth were being able to dance, professionally…I believe those doors might have been open for me were I not so visibly impaired.

And, the non athletic things that were based even more on appearance back then than they are now…singing and acting…I missed those too, and did go through a relatively brief bitter period of what I percieved as the unfairness of my two cousins having their musical and acting gifts supported and educated, with an eye to using them in the real world in future, whereas mine had their place in a school curricula, but were never the thing that would pay my bills later.

But that brief feeling I had to put away because I recognized it was so much *fun* to watch them work, that me being bitter was taking away from the cool experience of having someone you love excell at something wonderful…and it was also really unfair to them, because it certainly was never *their* decision that I ended up a spectator.

One of the subtler stereotypes around disability, it seems to me, is that we’re percieved as endless reservoirs full of bitterness and anger and that bitterness and anger had to come from our impairment alone, solely based on the limitations imposed by disability…because we aren’t “normal” whatever in the hell that’s supposed to be.

I am very bitter about some things. But [treason again] most of those things I would still carry as bitterness *whether I was impaired or not*…They are experiences that are (Wait for the lightbulb to come on…) understood by able people too… families, friends or lovers as being almost universal.

The things that make life tough for those with impairments can often be the experiences we share *in common* with the rest of humanity…not always the experiences that spring up from having an impairment.

So I ask the able: Before you turn on the pity faucet…Do you know what *you’re missing,* by only seeing the different behaviours, the wheelchair, the crutches, the canes and service dogs, the pain, and not seeing the person?

I think not.

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People always said I moved too many times from place to place…

March 10, 2007 at 12:30 PM (New Blog Hoster)

Looks like they were right.

This blog has moved…I may be able to bring the Blogger posts over and I am in the process of building the link list that will move there….but at the very least going forward I’ll be publishing strictly at the new site and comments here are now shut off.

The new *title* of the blog is: Midlife And Treachery, as I *meant* to do with this, but blew it in the beginning…

And the new URL

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March 10, 2007 at 11:59 AM (Uncategorized)

I will be trying to move my old posts here, but it could take a bit of time….so patience please as I update my blogroll etc.

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