But I do have a list of grievances

March 6, 2007 at 7:52 PM (Access Denied Tuesdays)

1. I hate my car. The car I pay half of and cannot drive. I hate my car. It’s supposed to last until early 2008 when the end of other debts means a new car payment is within my means.
1500.00 of maintenance right as my job began.

2. 418.00 to pull the damn tooth. No insurance, so cash….(sigh)

Up one flight of stairs to get to the oral surgeon’s office who claims “undue hardship” after residing in the same building for 40 years…his “story” about why he has no ramp…The city won’t permit an easment for a ramp facing the main drag because the building is too close to the street…and they rely on the “grace” of the church next door for parking, and since they don’t own the lot no ramp can be placed there. I had to stand, and be propped up to get x-rayed.
I’m glad it happened because it was quite the eye opener…the first time physical access was needed to a building and had I not been able to haul myself upstairs it would have been denied…I have a better, more visceral understanding of so many of the cases I read about on the Ragged Edge website or the Justice for all listserv.

3. “Accessible” bathrooms that aren’t: they require a tightrope walk around them leaning on the walls in order to use them. I’m beginning to hate the word accessible, because when it falls flat, I feel I’ve been lied to or misled.

4. Media surveys that mean nothing and waste a half hour.

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What needs doing…

March 6, 2007 at 7:47 PM (Miscellaneous)

I’m feeling a bit of guilt/uneasiness/concern…I have been less than good at keeping up with issues that concern me here online since I began working.

Also, past and present work means that on some particular issues I must remain silent…

I continue to heckle some Congresspersons via email and petitions about those issues that concern me…

But, after eight hours…I come home and generally say Pfft. I’m tired.

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