If the personal is the political…

December 31, 2006 at 12:53 PM (Class, Gender, Race) ()

Then why does the personal so often obscure the political?

Before I start this, I’ll say mea culpa, myself included, many times over.

What do I mean?

Individual experiences often inform peoples reactions.

But, individual experiences of one obscure the objectively *obvious* experience of someone else.

On the left, groups want to choose what’s first, and what’s worse…

And that’s part of the exclusionary process of American activism.

I’ve wanted to contribute to spaces set up for very different purposes than my own, but I’ve done a rare thing and *not* poked my nose in.


I recognize that I have no clue. So I’d best STFU, in those spaces.

And then, I think again. And I almost start typing.

Because I just want to know before they tell me to get the hell away from speaking or thinking from my place of (relative) privilege.

I’m white. So I have no business wondering about what anyone of color *does* with their activism.

I’m trying to *ask,* not so I can be comfortable. This comes from a wish to open dialogue. If people feel like I’m being a patronizing **** for just asking, then, okay.

Because people with impairment cross lines of gender, color, class, religion,ethnicity and orientation.

I have a “feeling” that people with impairment are also “invisible” IOW not ‘included’ in activism across *all* those lines.

Am I right?

Or, is that one of the questions I’m not allowed to ask because it sounds too much like a white person “dictating terms,” to everybody else. (even though that’s not my *intent* at all. There will be no follow up statement about what some white woman with impairments thinks ought to get done, because *that’s bull****. )

If not, great. I’ll shut up again.

If so…I’ll still shut up.

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