There will always be that last, acceptable, Other

December 29, 2006 at 6:21 PM (Exclusion, Prejudice)

There has been much discussion in the feminist blogosphere this week and last about exclusion, and what is the right time, place, group, person to exclude.

Thank god I’m a newbie to this whole (to me) endless analyses that seems to enjoy taking so much time analyzing a problem that once discrimination of any sort is finally eliminated from our gene pool in the year 78347863, when they’re all sitting around saying, “Congratulations to us, we’ve eliminated discrimination, regardless of the endless hours it took to define it,” they may wonder why it took them so long.

None of us who experience exclusion can claim to understand *all* of anyone else’s exclusion, certainly, but we can sit around in the common areas of the Venn diagrams of our lives and perhaps ask, without assuming….has anything like *this* ever happened to you?”

Someone has to get spitting angry about exclusion first, or the rest won’t hear.

And, separate spaces *give* voice to concerns that have either purposefully or through willful ignorance, been silenced.

I think for the people who’ve been in it longer than me…it’s not going to get fixed until some of the groups that are still the most unseen, unheard,feared,taunted,disliked…get a little more respect and tolerance, and an understanding from the wider world that there is valuable insight to be gotten by listening at their podium.

If someone that makes you go “eww” doesn’t have their space, their activism…their public voice…then why do you get yours?

FWIW the group I know least about would be the T in LGBT, and have probably contributed to their exclusion by my ignorance.

FWIW I think the group that I’ve seen people with impairment like to point and laugh at sometimes are fat persons…

I can’t do that, because I’m both. I won’t allow it around me period…I don’t want access and respect as a person with impairment if because of my weight some other crip in the room is laughing behind their hands.

And those who are different ethnically or religiously from me…I work hard to provide a conversation of mutual respect whenever I can offline (or on, if I happen to know or guess at a different ethnicity or religion)…but it’s like child rearing for me…I know I’ll never viscerally understand some differences, and I try not to present myself as entitled in the wrong forum…

Activism is the grownup version of high school cliques sometimes, and I still feel that kind of tenor in many discussions, even by people who know the rhetoric of inclusion and equality very very well.

It just bugs me. I have no solutions. I’m just bugged.


  1. Attila The Mom said,

    Really wonderful post. I too would be really interested to get involved with a dialog about it.

  2. Attila The Mom said,

    Really wonderful post. I too would be really interested to get involved with a dialog about it.

  3. imfunnytoo said,



    Happy 2007

  4. imfunnytoo said,



    Happy 2007

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