Bones as driftwood,tinder,kindling and money making machine.

December 18, 2006 at 5:51 PM (Abuse by Caregivers)

A gentleman died of natural causes.

Evidently his check was important to keep his loving family afloat.

So, the loving family took his body away and had it burned, and did not report the death so they could keep recieving his benefit check.

Everytime anybody questions the amount of time we spend maintaining/seeking independence and autonomy, and ethical helpers, family or not, paid or not.

I’m just going to make them read the above.

The bizzare “defense” of the homemade cremation:

Larry McWilliams died Jan. 13, 1997, of natural causes at the family home near Lewistown, about 140 miles north of St. Louis. His wife and children then moved the body to a trash-burning area behind the home and burned the body to hide evidence of his death.

Betty McWilliams tended the fire to make sure no bones were left unburned, according to Hanaway. All three knew that Larry McWilliams’ Social Security benefits would stop if his death was reported.

Lewis County Sheriff David Parrish did not return phone calls from The Associated Press. But Parrish told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Betty McWilliams got the idea of burning her husband’s remains from him.

She told authorities that her husband claimed to have helped dispose of the body of an acquaintance, Frank Gordon, in 1993.

Three years after Gordon died, someone claiming to be him cashed a lump-sum settlement of his Social Security benefits, Parrish told the newspaper.

Parrish said McWilliams’ death did not appear suspicious because he had been seriously ill shortly before he died. But deputies are investigating Gordon’s death to see if it could have been a homicide.

Betty Joanne McWilliams “admits to helping conceal Mr. Gordon’s body and vehicle,” Parrish told the Post-Dispatch.

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