A reality- based discussion of the Canadian Health Care System

October 1, 2006 at 8:29 PM (Health Care Plans)

By someone who has experienced being part of both systems… (hat tip to Kos for this link) who addresses the issue of wait times…I’m waiting to see if anyone can come out and say that late in life rationing is or is not resulting in “die offs” as the blogger mentions, but I figure those who oppose additional tax supported healthcare (I E expanding Medicare or Medicaid to include the uninsured) would be innundating private health care friendly news outlets with information about this, if it were true.

One thing I wish the author of this note *had* discussed is the powerful health insurance lobbying groups, in the US. They have enough financial muscle to block any expansion of the existing tax supported healthcare in this system in this country and will have this muscle for the forseeable future. They cannot be forced to resign, impeached, or voted out….

And some of the reason that corporate America actually loves tax supported health care (anywhere *but* here) is that they can outsource jobs to a tax supported health care country and not worry about paying for benefits…


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