"Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right…"

September 17, 2006 at 2:34 PM (Election 2006) ()

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are from Ragged Edge, and are from “before my time” in the blogosphere, beginning in 2004 Read them….it’s where people with impairment find ourselves…

And, the absolute Best Money Quote Ever, from the first link:

“Liberals say, ‘we support the social programs that you depend on, that you agree with — and because we do that, we should have your unqualified support, even when we support every ‘better dead than disabled’ cause that comes along.’ Folks on the right say, ‘Look, we’re out there on the protest line in Florida; we’re fighting for the lives of people like Terri Schiavo, so we should get your unqualified support, no matter how much we cut the social programs you need to function and even survive.'”

But why inthehell do I drag these out now?

There’s an election coming up. An important one… and no pollster has asked us, so no one really knows how we will split out what we think…so our vote, when we are able to cast it, won’t fall on one side or the other, and
will not be counted as a constituency per se, by either side…

I have heard, that we are, “such a small portion of the population…”

58 million, I believe, per the 2000 census…

Why is it okay for either side to ignore, as a constituency, 58 million persons?

I’m so *tired* of hearing the “We’re scared we might end up like you,” sociology argument.

If you might, then for *** sake, face it, prepare for it by giving reasonable accommodation in your head to the idea that access in the public (and one’s home) is a fundamental civil right as is access to affordable health care (the irony of being seen in only a partially acessible doctor’s office, believe me is not lost on me,) *as well as* the right *not* to die, so that a government or business or hospital or nursing home can save money, or that those observing us feel that we left this world with the correct amount of dignity…so that *they may feel better.* Think critically, as a self educator about these things…so that it will become easier, more common, for able people to know and interact with disabled people…fewer people will give into this internalized fear, things continue to get better ….

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A Comment of Mine

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on another blog, but I think I want it to go here too, so another coolness related to impairment:

I love sitting still. And I’m better at it than my able counterparts at work.My body’s had a lot of time to get used to being still. If I’m not chatting up at the water cooler or flying over to my best friends cube to chat, I’m at my desk figuring stuff out. It gives you time to think. Be more self aware. Understand tasks, relationships, beauty, discussions, more completely. Which is why I wouldn’t give up cerebral palsy for nuthin.’ Because I wouldn’t have been able to get through my life up to now without long bouts of sitting still and thinking.

The able seem so “motion hungry” sometimes.

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