More Meta: If you cannot comment but would like to

September 13, 2006 at 9:37 AM (Meta)

At least two people have commented via email that they cannot comment here, (apparently even if they choose “Other” or “Anonymous” commenting) and want to. One because of the fact that Blogger Blogs not updated to Blogger Beta cannot comment here (and will never be able to unless they switch according to my latest information.) and another completely outside visitor that seems to always have difficulty commenting and they are in no way connected to Blogger So I’m looking for a new hoster…but due to lack of finances I’ll be here through the end of 2006.

Sometimes, clicking on the words “Post A Comment” will still bring up a comment box. Write your comment and choose “Other” or Anonymous for your identity.

But, in the interim, If Anonymous or “Other” comments do not work for you (in otherwords, *not* using your Blogger handle but coming as if you did not have a Blogger account), if you know my main email, copy/paste your comment to me with “Comment” in the subject line of the email and I’ll put it up. For visitors or those who do not know my main email, my gmail addy is in my profile. Please send the comment as an email there and I’ll identify you by a preferred “handle” and put it up.

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