We’ve lost more than we thought

September 10, 2006 at 7:21 PM (9/11)

Growing up, I was constantly told, every November, that my parents generation (they were in their early twenties) was frozen the day of the Kennedy shooting…. I was alive at the time, but have no memory of it.

I couldn’t fathom it, a day when everybody in America suddenly got thrown into an uneven but connected hub, listening and watching and grieving *together.* Whatever their differences before and after, for those days in November, they were drawn together.

Regarding 9/11:

The voices that need to be listened to on this are not the pundits, on either side.
No politicians, blue or red.

(I found myself surprisingly embarrased tonight.

A reporter I suspect of being more liberal than not tried to *make his point* and hammer at a 9/11 family member who espoused the adminstration’s position as if this was a conservative politician, used to the spotlight, the rhetoric, someone with thick skin and ready answers.

All I could think of was, “Do we need to embarrass ourselves by treating a person who lost someone dear to them when those planes slammed into the towers as The Enemy?”)

How in the world did we get here?

After the initial horror wore off, we expected we would throw our big shoulders into the weight of financially starving,tracking with intelligence and military might, and bringing down the specific organization and men that led and trained the 19 men that manned the planes. The rest of the world, stunned, shocked and *sympathetic* would aid us in this work.

The families and first responders were owed our best.

Any writings,or any words spoken by the families of the lost should be the first well we go to, a new and terrible kind of primary source document.

What do they want? What have they asked for, in regard to the military,the shape of ‘justice’ for their loss?
Second to that perhaps, the hefty 9/11 Commission Report.

No political party member, pundit, no PAC, no church, no beloved lobby group, has any credibility on this IMO…unless they’ve dove in to the report, done some actual reading, not skimming, and spent some quality time with a 9/11 family member, not in a patronizing public piece or photo op, but in a private meeting with a little dignity.

Thankfully, I did not lose a close friend or family member in the attacks…

To the people for whom tomorow will be ‘way too much resonance and personal pain…

Thinking of you, whomever you are, and hoping you can take a breath and close your eyes and find some respite.

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