September 8, 2006 at 6:15 PM (Blogger Beta, Firefox)

At a suggestion, I downloaded Firefox and this cranky Beta seems to work much more smoothly using Firefox as a browser.

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Fess Up. Right Now.

September 8, 2006 at 12:21 PM (Telemarketers)

Gawd I’m pissed. Freaked. Annoyed. Mad.

Which of the [close personal friends or family members that did this “for my own good” or out of “concern”],

or [entities that have my personal information due to wrongheaded governmental initiatives],

or [companies that had an association with me because of any purchase I might ever have made, or my once Too Many Credit Cards ] *sold* my home telephone number to lousy,stinking,nosy,incredibly intruisive morons at [some loser telemarketing company]

That bothered me right when I was in the middle of discovering a cure for stupidity, boredom, or the common cold, because now I can’t remember
*which it was* and will have to start from the beginning again.

You’d better freaking admit your sly behind-my-back-filching of *my personal stuff and selling it to diet gurus.*

These persons didn’t just want to sell me magazines [which, on rare occasions, I will purchase.]

These persons did not want to ask me for a charitable donation.
They wanted to sell me some snake oil…Not “Orange Glo” [snort]. Not a Juicer…. (which I actually discovered nutritionally that I want/need for Christmas or something)

It’s bad enough when your health insurer sends you *targeted pamphlets.* They spend more money on the paper for that sh!t than they would ever save in “cost avoidance.”

The telemarketer’s invaded my personal time to try and hawk …A weight loss product. Unsolicited.

The only reason a telemarketing firm would dare call people up unsolicited and ask if they wanted this stuff….

Is if someone else gave them info that *led them to believe* they might have a shot at getting the person on the other end to buy it…In other words, their “target audience.”

Fat people.

My irritation at this knows very few bounds. What’s next? An instant message from Slim Fast on my computer? A text message of: “Our records indicate that you weigh over *** pounds. Please lose weight by texting xyz.”

The depths to which some souless greedy pimps will stoop to make a buck.

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