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September 6, 2006 at 12:41 PM (Comments, Meta)

Apparently, Blogger is working on this, but:

If you are stopping by, reading….

If you do not allow Anonymous comments, and are not upgraded to Beta, then I cannot comment on your blog till Blogger fixes it. I’ve found at least three blogs that I’d like to comment on but cannot, for that reason… And

I can no longer comment on Blogger Blogs that have not switched to Blogger Beta, using my blogger handle. I can comment using Anonymous and identifying myself in the body of the text.
I also believe the reverse to be true, that non beta Blogger users cannot comment here by logging in. so if any regular commenter is having trouble, just use anonymous or “other.”

Newbies, stop and say hi using anonymous or other too. They still work.

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September Meme

September 6, 2006 at 12:20 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Goldfish, over at “Diary of a Goldfish,” has tagged me with a meme, and so I will answer.

(Favourite will retain its U.K spelling. 1. because it’s only polite. And 2. because I like it.)

Why do you blog?
I started out doing it because my perception at the time was it was a way to add something of value to my life, keep sharp, keep involved, keep “being” while I was on disablity.

I do it now, because the brain has become so accustomed to this, that I *have* to do it, perhaps a fully positive expression of an addictive personality.

It is a much less annoying way of being highly verbal than interrupting people all the damn time. Writing has become a necessity…even the real crap.

In part, like Goldfish, it’s a good way to clean out and get out there those things that trouble me much less, once they’re blogged. In addition, In part because I have the rather difficult to justify idea that this stuff whether too personal or not just needs to be said. Particularly to the able, and those who remain both untroubled and clueless.

I also have the irrational feeling of working against some deadline.

How long have you been blogging?

Since March 2005. Seems like a while.

Why do readers read your blog?

I know of at least one, a relative, who reads it, because he finds himself in strong opposition to me on many ideas.

Others perhaps because it comes off so much like a train wreck or an auto accident. I say too much. It’s so undisciplined, muddled,half baked…the gawking at something completely sloppy rather interesting and disturbing at the same time. Others, in part, as an expression of friendliness, and in part because they like it.

What was the last search phrase someone used to find your site?

It ought to pull up under “Endless Snark.” or perhaps “Her again!” or even “The one who knows less than she should and more than I think she ought to. ” I have no idea. I don’t know how to check my sitecounter etc to find that out.

Which of your entries gets unjustly too little attention?

This one, at the time.

Your current favourite blog? I have two. “Cheaper Than Therapy”,” because I evilly covet the ability to use silly pictures as well as she does.

And “The Gimp Parade,” because she’s busy introducing the able world to the idea that disabled bodies are not, in and of themselves *lesser things* than able ones.

Which blog did you read most recently?

“Fangworld.” On second dogs.

Which feeds do you subscribe to?

(well, you *asked!*)

Between Bloglines and my Blogroll, these are the blogs of any and all sorts (plain websites too) written by the able-bodied and those with impairments about anything in particular that I subscribe to, blogroll, or check often.

Ad Nauseam
Alas, A Blog
American Association For People With Disabilities
Angry Gimp, The
Audacity Magazine
Bancroft Library Oral History of the Disability Rights Movement
Becky Blitch
Big Fat Blog
Billie’s Diary
Blind Chance
Broken Clay
Cancer Giggles
Cheaper Than Therapy
Chronic Babe
Colorado Cross Disability Coalition
Concrete Change
Crip Chronicles
Daily Kos
Debate Link, The
Democracy Now
Denver Post Bloghouse
Disability Blog Info
Disability Culture
Disability Films
Disability History
Disability Is An Art
Disability Pride
Disability Rants
Disabled Women on the Web
Fact Check
Fat Shadow
First Disability Law Page
Fred’s Head
From the Dec System
From the Port
Gimp Girl
Gimp Parade, The
Gimp’s Life, A
Highway Six
Hushed Voices
Ill-Informed Ramblings of A Cripple, The
Intermittent Gimp
John Hockenberry
Katrina Disability (Housing,assistance)Info
Google News
Life Is Full
Life On Wheels
Lisy Babe’s Blog
Living the Dream
Medical Blogs
Michael Berube’s “Web Log
No Pity
Progressive Blog Digest
Quiescent Voices
Ragged Edge
Reponse Initiatives Femmes Handicapees
Schizophrenia News
Shifted Librarian
Special Living
Strange Conceit
Swimming In The Mainstream
Temple U Disability Studies
The Forest For the Trees
Tiny Cat Pants
UCD Ireland Centre
Uppity Disability Dot Net
What Why How
Wish Lists
Yahoo Disability News

What four blogs are you tagging with this meme and why?

Four bloggers I respect and admire, for various reasons.

“Strange Conceit,” because it’s my job to annoy one of my best friends while she’s working on really important things and oughtn’t to be bothered on a regular basis.

“The Gimp Parade.” because she’s always proving to me there are new perspectives and things I need to know.

“GhettoRiverNymph“, because I miss her posts.

And “UppityDisabilityDot.Net” because, well, they get prickly. And I love it.

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