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September 2, 2006 at 6:32 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Some stories on the long road to the voting booth for voters with disabilities here in the US

One story makes sure we know how much extra it costs to provide a machine set to handle special needs-in the headline. It also manages to make the point that it uses an older version of Windows, with the subtext being it will go out of favor sooner rather than later and will have to be replaced.

I was pleased to see thought had been given to those who are unable to see the screen.

In another, the author lets us know well the machines are there, and gives good detail of the types of accomodation provided by the machine, but you have to “get” to the polling place first….and some of the absentee voters surveyed advised that their biggest concern remains transportation to the polls.

And, some good news for anyone with a disability who is a property owner in New York State. A Republican governor shows admirable sense.

And then, there’s that fertile ground for…well…*something.* An “advice” column.

Oh holy crap.

Someone knew just the right thing to say to parents of a child with impairments.

I, of course, have an alternative for those fond of platitudes.

Repeat after me, potential Biblical scholars:

“faith without works is dead.” (James 2:20 and James 2:26 in the *King James Version,* or in my new favorite TNIV “Faith without deeds is useless.”)

If you *really* feel um, called to assist parents of children with impairments, and the child as well…

How about giving these parents the local CIL number, the local United Way number, doing google searches for inexpensive cleaning service help or respite care, or adaptive sports, or summer camps for children with impairments or support groups for parents of children with disabilities…

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