A great list of writing about impairment

August 27, 2006 at 10:38 AM (Writing) (, , )

Hat tip to book girl and the No Pity Livejournal group listed at right:

Since I’m a relative newbie (a year and a half in) to being interested in discussing disability publicly, I’ve been looking for a list (or lists) that would allow me to go to my local library (or buy out of country stuff since the journaler is in Austrailia) that would allow me to play catch up a bit.

Those with Livejournal can read that list here. I can’t thank the original livejournal person, Book Girl enough. The copy/paste version is below:

So Much To Tell You – John Marsden

(Acquired Physical Disability – Australian)
Apprentice Devil – Lisa Vasil (Epilepsy) and Dark Secret (Vision Impairment)

Gridlock – Ben Elton (Cerebral Palsy and Paraplegia)

Skallagrigg – William Horwood (Cerebral Palsy)

Stones From the River – Ursula Hegi(Short Stature)

The Little Country – Charles de Lint & The Onion Girl (both Acquired Mobility Disabilities)

Blood Songs – Penelope Rowe(Manic Depression – Australian)

Bone Truth – Anne Finger(Polio)

April Witch – Majgull Axelsson(Cerebral Palsy)

Not In The Calendar – Margaret Kennedy(Hearing Impairment)

The Deptford Trilogy – Robertson Davies(Physical Disfigurement)

The Poisonwood Bible – Barbara Kingsolver(Hemiplegia)


Mother to Be: A Guide to Pregnancy and Birth for Women withDisabilities – Judi Rogers and Molleen Matsumura, eds.

Women with Disabilities: Essays in Psychology, Culture and Politics -Michelle Fine and Adrienne Asch, eds.

With the Power of Each Breath: A Disabled Women’s Anthology – Susan EBrowne, Debra Connors, and Nanci Stern, eds.

Mustn’t Grumble: Writing by Disabled Women – Lois Keith, ed.

Encounters with Strangers: Feminism and Disability – Jenny Morris, ed.

Past Due: A Story of Disability, Pregnancy and Birth – Anne FingerVoices From The Shadows:

Women With Disabilities Speak Out – GwynethFerguson Matthews

Claiming Disability: Knowledge and Identity – Simi Linton

Living Outside Inside: A Disabled Women’s Experience – Susan Hannaford

Different But The Same: Young people talk about living with seriousillness – Heather Cameron(Australian)

The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability -Susan Wendell[My note: The Rejected body was my introduction to reading in this field, and I still go digging around in it from time to time. ]

Women With Disabilities: Found Voices – Mary Wilmuth and LillianHolcomb, eds.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation – Eli Clare(Lesbian Issues)

Restricted Access: Lesbians on Disability – Victoria A Brownworth &Susan Raffo, eds.
(Lesbian Issues)

With Wings: An anthology of literature by women with disabilities -Marsha Saxton & Florence Howe, eds.

Carnal Acts: Essays

Remembering the Bone House: An erotics of place and space

Waist-High in the World: A Life Among the Nondisabled

Ordinary Time: Cycles in Marriage, Faith and Renewal

Voice Lessons: On Becoming a (Woman) WriterPlaintext: Essays – Nancy Mairs

Oyster Grit: Experiences of Women With Disabilities – Victorian WomenWith Disabilities Network(Australian)

Pride Against Prejudice: Transforming Attitudes to Disability – JennyMorris

Lives Worth Living: Women’s Experiences Of Chronic Illness – VeronicaMarris

The Sexual Politics of Disability: Untold Desires – Tom Shakespeare,Kath Gillespie-Sells & Dominic Davies, eds.

Female Forms: Experiencing and Understanding Disability – Carol Thomas

Women with Physical Disabilities: Achieving and Maintaining Health andWell-Being – Danuta M Krotoski, Margaret A Nosek & Margaret A Turk


Annie’s Coming Out – Rosemary Crossley and Anne McDonald.(Cerebral Palsy – Australian)Recovering: A Journal – May Sarton(Depression)

After the Stroke: A Journal – May Sarton(Stroke)

Bird and other Writings on Epilepsy – Susan Hawthorne(Epilepsy – Australian)

Listening: Ways of Hearing in a Silent World – Hannah Merker(Hearing Impairment)

Just An Ordinary Kid – Lisa Vasil(Cerebral Palsy)

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness – Kay Redfield Jamison(Manic Depression)Daughter of the Queen of Sheba – Jacki Lynden(Manic Depression)

Spasm: A Memoir of Lies – Lauren Slater(Epilepsy)

Autobiography of a Face – Lucy Grealy(Facial Disfigurement)

I, Alison: Reaching for a Life of My Own – Alison French with VeronicaGroocock(Cerebral Palsy)

An Iranian Odyssey – Gohar Kordi(Vision Impairment)

Somebody Somewhere Nobody Nowhere Like Color to the Blind – Donna Williams(Autism – Australian)

Rusty – Carol Gino(Epilepsy)

Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home? – Karen Thompson and JulieAndrzejewski (Acquired Head Injury & Lesbian Issues)

Since I do not fit the profile of the “Compleat Feminist” or even the “Compleat Crip” I differ with some building blocks of some of the arguments of the tomes I have read in the Nonfiction section, but even the collections/books I see as very divergent from my own have a great deal to tell me, or anybody who reads em. If your library or bookstore doesn’t have them check out your local university’s “used textbook” section…you might find some older out of print copies. The out of country stuff is harder to get but even that is not impossible.


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