"…priesthood of all believers"

August 22, 2006 at 9:28 AM (Uncategorized) ()

A piece in the news caught my attention yesterday and this will be a rant….so cover your ears…

Apparently there is a young fool trying to look “cute” in Pastor drag up in Watertown New York.

There’s a church up there where an 82 year old woman has spent many years…married and raised her family in that church…A beautiful old building… A Baptist church…
This young idiot of a pastor has asked for the resignation and cooperation of this woman in ceasing to teach Sunday school, as she has done for the past 11 years because this young one interprets a verse that’s really about noisy wives asking their husbands to be Biblical concordances in the middle of someone else’s sermon (Paul’s no doubt…proving only that Paul had a large ego and couldn’t stand to be interrupted, particularly by women…Remember now, before Paul had his vision of Christ on the Damascus Road, he was the Pharisee to end all Pharisees…) he interprets this to mean that a woman cannot teach a Sunday School Class if she has a man as a student.

The newbie pastor also says there are other reasons for asking her to step down…but that “Christian Courtesy” (Whateverintheheck *that* is these days), prohibits him from naming them….

Check the comments of his blog

Why, youngster? Afraid you’ll look even more the insecure popinjay by making them public?

That’s’ another thing about real people of faith, as opposed to…well, this insufferable little manlet.

Gossip is the lifeblood of many churches, but those congregants who “stay out” of that mess and handle their discords in private?…Well that crown that God has waiting in Heaven for the righteous??? Those who did not lose their self respect by gossip are up in the front of that line.

Back in 1989 when I was the wife of a seminary student, I started out being very afraid….afraid of what I saw at the time as the inherent oppression of women in Scripture….but, at the same time I was deadly fascinated by the translation work…the necessity of having the original Greek and Hebrew texts (not to mention the inherent difficulty in chasing down Aramaic) and going from *them* not the 2000 plus years of telephone translation where bits get lost, or the dangerous game of backing a certain translation or version because it suits your personal agenda of oppression or inquisition…or war…or raking in the money from the collection plate or the tv screen.

At the beginning I was like a horse locked away from the water trough…because *he* was the student, not I and so I just *watched him learn,* wishing that I could also learn because that’s the one activity that my addictive personality hung on to and wishes for always…the need to learn, absorb, know, understand…

But, soon enough he understood how much I wanted to learn, and in between the insanity of our personal War On Illness….I did pick up a respect for one translation that seemed to do its level best to remain true to the Hebrew and Greek Text…so much so that Wednesday evenings after Bible Study he would present his ‘rough draft’ sermon to a (nearly) empty church….and I was in the back row, tweaking for emphasis, volume, consistency…etc….and also went over the written portion of the “apply this to the congregation’s present life” portion (longhand on legal reams) and offered suggestions.
It may surprise some who knew him that he was not threatened by this (possibly because, on average, he only chose to use about 60% of my suggestions), never lectured me in private or in public[about this] that I was “overstepping my authority” or some such nonsense, by using my gifts to fine tune his own.

To the child-pastor in New York, a bit of instruction:

Listen, son, when my late beloved was a Biblical scholar, the first thing he did was *read the whole thing!* You might try that. I know Revelation is a bit of a puzzler….but if God has *truly* called you (snark), you should be able to handle *every* idea in that text, and be certain that the words and actions of Jesus are your first reading lamp when you sit down to read Scripture.

My husband said, (In a roomful of people who had good reason to hate the Church, who were fearful and angry that a Christian Pastor had somehow ended up in their midst.) “Too many people have been hurt by those who want to use *this book* (holding up his well worn NIV translation) as a weapon.*That is not what this book is for!.*

You don’t even have to go outside of the Evangelical tradition to find theology that supports the idea of women teachers or even female pastors.

I’m sorry you became a pastor in the new millennium…you’re obviously so much better suited to a remote 11th century monastery on an island somewhere.

Perhaps God will lead you to your rightful place eventually.

One can pray for that.


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