July 29, 2006 at 11:02 AM (family)

Well, went back east last week to do some necessary things.

I was very pleased to see a place I once thought would blow up after a bit of a shakeup has not only survived but thrives after ten years…

I got some poignant reminders of what matters in a “hometown.” Very comforting. Very cool. Like an old pair of jeans, or big shoes or a well aged jacket. (I was gleeful at the unexpected four small cookies I ate at my aunt’s house. Someone had finally convinced her to make her unequaled Christmas sugar cookies, carefully thin, with just enough icing…in *non Christmas shapes* small round cookies cut out with a juice glass, so that the rest of us can appreciate her for those *any time of the year* now. The mind boggles…that small bit of bliss any time she gets it into her head to bake???? Awesome. I used to make them, but no longer have the grip strength or precision grip to take the 1/16 of an inch tall (rolled out that thin) baked cookie out of the oven warm, and frost it just after it cools without breaking it. ] My family was very nurturing, welcoming, funny, going above and beyond the call of helping me out while I was there, and yet not trying to smother me and tell me what I should do… One family member in particular, that I had never been able to chat with much was able to give me advice without the preface that I never can stomach, “This is what I think you ought to do” regarding my present situation, because he’s got some parallels going on. I asked him about his situation and he gave me some great insight through his own experiences…two very specific pieces of which may help me in my own reconstruction.

And, I was unexpectedly shown some reasons why I’m here now instead of there. Because those reasons matter just as much as what I miss.

I imagine I’ll be posting here a bit less for a time…have to set up frameworks,support systems, here for the new paradigm that I find myself in.

Go read the disabled bloggers listed by Ragged Edge, or Disability Studies Blog while I’m busy reconstructing my life after the pre June incarnation blew up.
Hugs to Goldfish and Gimpy Mumpy, and the commenters and lurkers too,

And, this is a really temporary thing…

As Ahnold said:

“I’ll be back.”

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