Distract with more Destruction

July 14, 2006 at 5:36 PM (Iraq War) ()

I’m not a policy wonk, or an expert in economics and diplomacy. I tried to find a diary I read early in the year that said that the Administration of the Lethaly Incompetent would now “Go for broke,” and push us towards war with Iran. The reason? The Administration is now quite desperate for a distraction from our domestic issues and the war in Iraq.


I don’t know if they expected the able assistance of kidnappings, drone planes and rockets….but all the MSM talking heads are taking pains that laypersons in American vegetating in front of the evening news know not just the names of the groups Hamas and Hisbulla, but the name (s) of the financing countries. We hear Syria’s name mentioned once or twice, but CNN and MSNBC are using Iran,Iran,Iran,Iran,Iran Over and over again.

The setup is beginning. And the power brokers don’t even have to be frantic to come up with proof of instability because the day’s events have, expectedly or unexpectedly given it to them.

Less than 90 days.

That’s my prediction for a war declared against Iran, *not* Syria and Iran both. Just Iran

I really, really hope I’m wrong.

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