Rock Climbing

April 24, 2006 at 6:18 PM (Personal, Rock Climbing) ()

I doubt I’ll have the lungs or constitution to rock climb out here, the capital of tall stone…

I love to travel though it, stop within it or beneath it, have a picnic, take a picture…but climb? Not at this fitness level, thanks.

but I do remember an afternoon back east….at a place called Nelson’s Ledges…

Even with orthopedic shoes, myself and an associate managed to clamber away most of an afternoon…and sit on top of a stone crevasse wondering how I got there and how in all the god’s names was I going to get down…Thankfully, unlike previous climbers to this spot, alchohol wasn’t there clouding my judgement that day.

Another one of those afternoons that had the occasional wistful twinge of “Why isn’t this man interested?” but, the best part of the afternoon had nothing to do with that….Intellectual discourse, being out in nature, taking in the sound of water, the chill of early spring, the thick green of eastern forests, and the dark grey rock….

I don’t mean to diss the Rockies. They’re magnificent….but they’re dry.
The native trees are only two: the pine and the aspen.

Back east was birch, oak, maple, apple, dogwood, cherry. Heavier rain, different soil…Spring doesn’t smell the same here, and has the uncomfortable addition of hailstones. Ouch, damnit! Many of these trees have been transplanted to Colorado, but they’re affecting the high desert ecosystem…they weren’t meant to be here.

I try to enjoy the amazing weather and sights available, protected by the eastern wall of the Rocky Mountains…and I do…I’m very fortunate to see what I’ve seen.

But sometimes, I want to climb down the rockface and walk in the eastern woods…heavy with rain, buzzing with sound and air complete with oxygen…

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