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April 22, 2006 at 9:15 PM (Uncategorized)

Yes, its late and I’m a bit wacky…but this actually happened.

It’s the early eighties and I’m out for dinner with a longtime aquaintance (none who have ever posted here)

I was twenty one, said aquaintance was a bit older.

Right in the middle of dinner, said aquaintance suddenly grabbed a napkin and wrote a single word upon it:, a well known moniker for the goal of most intimate encounters that starts with “O”

Then, they said… right between the Surf and the Turf of dinner:

“Have you ever had an” and then thrust the napkin with the ****** word written on it right in front of my face.

I couldn’t help it. Honestly. The words kinda leaped out before I even had a chance to think…

Rather loudly too.

“Alone, or with somebody?”

So much for whispered, albeit supportive discussion of how to attain that goal.

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