Division Conquers

April 20, 2006 at 6:14 PM (Assumptions) (, )

One discussion that comes up every now and again has three parts:
A question:

“Who has it worse, people who are disabled from birth, or people who experience part of their lives as able bodied, and then become a person with a disability due to misadventure, accident or illness.?

And two answers:

“Well, of course, it’s the ones who have to deal with the difficulty of disability from birth, through a longer stretch of their life experience.”


“Well of course, it’s the ones who have to deal with both the loss and anguish of changed physical limits, and the physical and emotional consequences of the disability itself.”

There’s a third “category” I think, but I don’t want to waste too many words on it, because I dislike categorization, and, because it feels like further denigration.
That would be the person born with one disability, that later finds impairments building on top of the original, like unwelcome LeggoBlocks additions.

My perception is that this is not a productive debate to have.

Every hour spent wrestling with “who has it worse,” takes away from time that can make each individuals experience of disability easier. And I believe it has the unintended side effect of playing into the desire of some that we would just all not be here.

We’re invisible enough as it is…

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