Sometimes, we do mess with you…for fun

March 25, 2006 at 1:52 PM (Assumptions, College) (, )

Contrary to popular belief everyone with a disability, or on disability or on other forms of assistance didn’t get that way to fleece the rest of you…..


Just every once in a while, the able are so….well…. um…


It is my senior year at college and I have scored the biggest, comfiest dorm room in a bulding that had been a women’s dormitory for nearly it’s entire existance…since the 1870’s was close to 110 years old in 1983….High celings and two separate spaces within the room. large enough to require a roomate….Only hitch was, there was only one closet….and during the serious girl phase of one’s life one closet will not accommodate two women.

There were, some extra, portable stand alone closet units floating around campus at the time….

My future roomate, an able bodied person, asked my permission to play the disability card…and I granted it…She advised Student Life or Maintenance, or whomever in the hell that I needed some spare space to put my crutches….and voila!

Both her side and my side had a closet.

Was it truly needed? Probably not.

Did we think it was hilarious?


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All of our able bodied associates may want

March 25, 2006 at 10:52 AM (Assistive Technology, Assumptions, Attitude Adjustment) (, , )

to metaphorically “cover their ears” for this one. I make no apology for it except that I am officially “out from under” a very difficult time of year for me and feeling feisty today.

Let’s talk about the Amateurs.

You know them.

The ski-jock staggering around on armpit crutches looking like some odd alien lifeform spawned by the unholy union of two toothpicks and a winter coat.

Or the *I’ll manage just fine* thank you, of a rehab worker taking sensitivity training while blindfolded, and smashing into more furniture than the latest nasty video game.

The little tiny person with an ugly knobby cast that looks bigger than they do, stuck in a revolving door….

I have *no* sympathy for them….they look silly and awkward, and they should!

My evil twisted heart looks at them and thinks “Heh. Welcome to *my* part of town people.” This is what you’re left with when you decide that making a home, office or public space accessible just costs too much money or time…

And, since their condition is temporary, they have no time to adapt, to figure out, well, I cannot carry the pizza home this way, so what about a backpack…or whatever.

When I was a kid, I’d spot a temporary gimp at school and actually *say* “Hey, look! Another stinkin’ amateur!”

They Were Not Amused.

Then there was the idea of my dormmates in college, assuming that the crutches left just outside my dormroom were *toys* with which they could lay bets, run races, and keep me immobile and nearly late for class because they were Having Too Much Fun Horsing Around With Asssistive Technology That Did Not Belong To Them.

Amateurs. Bozos.

Enjoy your stay in the land of the HandiIncapable.

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And, as is usuall for me, someone

March 25, 2006 at 10:51 AM (Blogger's about impairment) (, )

picks up the thought I’d started and expands it in some thought provoking directions…

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